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LFM Ulduar 25, PST Stats and Achievement

Posted Jul 29, 2009 by Jon Wood

LFM Ulduar 25, PST Stats and Achievement

In his most recent column,'s Garrett Fuller looks at the achievement system in Blizzard's World of Warcraft and talks about how its current use might be affecting the social aspects of the game.

Raiding in WoW remains the best way to get gear. At level 80 there are very few options for players to improve their end game besides Raiding, Heroic Dungeons, and PvP. This is what the world’s premiere MMO has given us. Leveling through the game, which now is more of an annoyance than anything else, to get to 80 and then you have these three options. Raiding has become elite. The top players and guilds now work through dungeons on Hard mode to get the best items for their characters. Warcraft added in the Achievements with Lich King to give players a new sense of accomplishment in the game. When they designed the system did they ever think it would be used to keep players out of top raids? Have WoW’s achievements made the game even more elite than before? Or has Blizzard created a system to get the best players to work together?

Pick up groups are tough to deal with. Nothing is worse than when your pick up group falls apart on the first boss because people cannot play. Every player has been through this in some form. Guilds form and fall apart because of this simple fact, learn to play. Yet, PUGs are what MMOs should be all about. Looking for players online to run adventures together to gain glory and gear is at the heart of the MMO philosophy. While PUGs can be incredibly frustrating, it is still great when you find a good one and crush a dungeon.

Read LFM Ulduar 25, PST Stats and Achievement


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