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Spirit Tales players have a new level cap increase to entice them to further explore new maps and instances that will arrive with the next update on December 4th. Players will finally get to explore the undersea kingdom along with two big new maps.

The new instance, Poseidon's Cave, contains the sealed evil consciousness of the Abyss Lord, and is one of the forbidden areas of the Sea Kingdom. But now the traitor Madaba and the Night Witch have removed the seal. Influenced by the evil consciousness of the Abyss Lord, this place has become the nest of evil spirits and intrepid players can enter Poseidon's Cave when they reach Level 66. The whole instance is enveloped by evil miasma, so players’ HP will be deducted by a certain portion every second upon entering it, so be sure to resist the evil miasma by acquiring Holy Water from Spirit Calmer Sellie at the entrance!

The instance, Crime Core, is the inner heart of the Abyss Lord. Players need to destroy the four evil consciousnesses of the Abyss Lord: crime, lust, greed and arrogance. Only in this way can you complete the instance! 

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