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Letter to the Community

Keith Cross Posted:
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Knight Online has been experiencing stability difficulties for the past while, and K2 Networks has announced in a letter to the Knight Online community that they have decided to compensate players who missed out on play time with some goodies and some cash.

Dear Knight Online Players,

As you know we recently faced some stability issues and K2 Network and the Knight Online Team would like to give those players that purchased premium accounts between February 5th, 2007 and April 25th, 2007 a little token of appreciation for your continued support of the game.

Players who meet the above qualifications will receive the following:

  • 5 Ascent Scrolls (20% experience increase for 60 minutes)
  • 10 Pink Rice Cakes (healing item)
  • 20 Glutenous Rice Cakes (try it and see what it does!)

In addition they will receive 500 Knight Cash (if you purchased multiple months the amount will be multiplied by the months purchased i.e. 3 months of premium purchased = 1500 Knight Cash)!

"We have a loyal and passionate Knight Online community and we wanted to go above and beyond to thank you for your continued support of the game," says Lead Producer Derek Simmons. "K2 Network is dedicated to putting its gamers first, and we hope this exemplifies that."

We thank the entire Knight Online Community for their patience during this period of growth and look forward to great times with you in the future! Good luck and we'll see you in the Knight Online World!

- The Knight Online Team

For more on Knight Online visit www.knightonlineworld.com.


Keith Cross