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Let the Ashes of Creation Devs Walk You Through the Alpha Two Character Creator

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The Ashes of Creation team’s monthly dev stream gave us a thorough first look at the character creator for Alpha Two. With work ongoing, we get the best (still limited) look we’ve had so far on race design and features, the character options, and a whole lot more.

Director Steven Sharif emphasizes that this is a first pass look, so there are some features and animations missing, and the UI is also not there yet. Yet, things are still detailed (including a new look at the Vek) and we can get a good look at some of what will eventually come in the alpha and what they’ll be working from on the road to the eventual launch.

Members of the art team also join the stream in a discussion over the origins and inspirations, as well as the customization options. There’s a whole lot of content to take a look at over the 41-minute video focused on the character creator. 

Among the options and sliders you’ll find ones for features like height, weight, chest, and bottom for the character’s body, though these will vary depending on what you’re creating. There’s a facial detail system in development, which they showed off in its current function for wrinkles, but they have a lot of plans for this as well. They also showed off the way you can customize hair and facial hair, textures on the face, and a lot more. You can choose highlights and other accents for your beard if using one, as well as eyebrows and head hair. You will be able to highlight certain sections of the body and drag your mouse around and customize those parts. 

Since there are missing features and everything is still in the works on the way to Alpha Two, it's still early but what they did show off in this video should give you a taste of the many, many options they are planning.

For more on Ashes of Creation, head to the official site. 


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