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Legends of Runeterra Design Director Discusses State of Beta and What's Next

The good, the bad, and the future

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Legends of Runeterra Design Director has shared some details on the state of open beta and what’s to come for the game.

He first began by looking back at the beta and some of the feedback they’ve received. Some of it has been good:

  • Champions: Champion level-ups are slick and champs often feel like their League counterpart, even down to obnoxiously-effective ones like Teemo and Ezreal. With the update to displaying champions at match start and whenever their level-up makes progress, champions are even more present and active throughout games.
  • Interactive Strategy: The back and forth gameplay combined with fast and slow spells allow for lots of strategy and outplay moments; we’ll probably never get tired of screenshots like this (above)

He also commented on some aspects of the beta which they are actively improving, such as clarity, the timer, FPS lock, and animation speed and input blocking. The post them moved on to the meta which lists a few things the team is looking to accomplish, including no bad cards, monthly card updates, new cards and content, and slow and steady progression.

As for what’s on the horizon, the team is looking for ways to, “increase player expression in the form of new cosmetic lines, boards, and pets.” Additionally, modes and formats were teased. You can take a look at the entire extensive update here.


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