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Legends of New World Covers Lore and Encouraging Your Own Destiny in Aeternum

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World is coming in just a few days, and the latest video in the Legends of New World series from Amazon is a trailer  that encourages everyone to "carve a new destiny". 

The Chapter 3 video is the latest in a series, and it fits with the premise of wanting adventurers to come to Aeternum, a world that has been shaped by history, peoples, cultures, and the possibilities of new potential. Aeternum has been at war, but there's both hope and danger. Adventurers and explorers can perhaps change the future of the world, and that sense of exploration, discovery, and hope are definitely in the recent promotional materials for New World. These videos help give a peek and set up some lore of what to expect as well as what opportunities await you in the game.

The second in the series focuses in some ways on "Aeternum's corruption" but there's a hopeful note. All of these help set the state along with the other recent lore and design materials out in the run up to launch next week. And, of course, work to stir up some excitement for those who have been waiting for a new, big MMORPG home to sink their teeth and time into.

Now that the server lists have been released and updated with primary languages, it's a good time to think about just what kind of journey you want to go on in the game. In other words, to yes, prepare to "carve a new destiny" when New World comes out on Tuesday, September 28th.

For more, check out info about the New World soundtrack inspired by the music of Game of Thrones (and with collaboration from GoT composer Ramin Djawadi), the potential for bringing together a robust social game, and thoughts on the beta. Head over to the New World site to learn more.


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