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Legends of Aria: Season 4 - Shifting Sands Arrives August 10th

Is that Quicksand, or Hotfix?

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Legends of Aria has announced the arrival of their next major update, Season 4: The Shifting Sands. This update will be packed full of new dynamic spawns and additional monthly rewards.

The free to play MMO Legends of Aria is excited to add new dynamic monster spawns throughout the Withering Sands and Flat Wilds that will challenge players as they are adventuring. Portals will direct you to these dynamic encounters where you could be attacked by anything from Lizardmen to Beetles. In addition to the dynamic spawns, players will also contend with a new final boss mechanic that is meant to scale both in strength and rewards, which will be defined by the number of players battling the enemies.

New monthly rewards such as the Gilded Beetle Mount and the Bloodstone Beetle mount will become available to those that complete challenges in either PvE or PvP. Over the past several weeks, Legends of Aria has been on-fire with hotfixes. The hotfixes began with their Point Release 10 which coincided with their transcendence from Steam Early Access. These fixes have been rolling out in quick succession which included a Quality of life patch back on July 13th, but other notable hotfixes that arrived this month related to bazaar features, lore, PvE combat, and crafting. Our very own Matthew Keith recently reviewed Legends of Aria, which is an indispensable read for any gamers wondering if this is the game for them.


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