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Legends of Aria Pushing Changes to Point 9 to Experimental Server

Lots of tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Legends of Aria will be pushing changes to Point 9 to their Experimental Server. Here are the details.

The tweaks come to militia keeps, militia abilities, a new ranking system, new militia artifacts, militia event changes, talents, ranked arena matches, bazaar, league quests, dynamic spawns, scrolls of the Artificer, information HUD, changes to Constitution, crafting changes, Manifestation changes, and bug fixes.

The notes themselves are quite extensive, but here are the bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Void Guardian spawning multiples times during the same Catacombs instance.
  • Charge ability has been replaced with “Relentless Hate” which teleports the attacker to the target, if within range and has line of sight, and stuns the target for 3 seconds.
  • Master Rogue quest NPC moved from Valus to Oasis.
  • Grandmaster Rogue quest moved to Black Forest.
  • Padded helm, leggings, and tunic can now be dyed.
  • If a guard is attacked and cannot find a valid path to the attacker they will kill the attacker with a bolt of lightning.
  • Fixed issue with “Focus” ability which was causing excessive skill gains.
  • Militia pets should no longer be attacked by town guards when attacking a member of the opposing militia when both the pet and the opposing player are flagged for militia conflict.
  • Player pets should no longer be attacked by town guards when attacking their owners.
  • Fixed issue where the hearth in an inn would not regenerate vitality correctly if a bard played music and then stopped.
  • Fixed issue where crafting orders were not properly notifying players if rewarded stackable items they already had in their backpack.


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