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Legends of Aria Provides Development Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Legends of Aria has received a new developer update where they discuss crafting profession quest, militias, and more.

First up, it looks like crafting profession quests are being relocated outside the catacombs after community feedback,

“We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear on this, and while we wanted to inject our GM Crafting Professions with some of the risk-versus-reward that you’ve come to expect (and sometimes demand!) from Legends of Aria, we realize this move swung a bit too dramatically to the “risk” side of things.”

The militia system will also see some changes. The focus here will be countering abuses of the system. The community has sent in complaints and reports detailing how the system can be abused and taken advantage of, and the team ensures they’re working to plug the holes.

Subscription issues are also being worked on. They’ve been able to fix some individual issues, but request you keep sending in any issues you may notice with your subscription to [email protected].

Check out the full update here.


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