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Legends Of Aria Postpones Point Release 11 Indefinitely, Cites Decrease In Team Size As Cause

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Legends of Aria posted its first development update since December of 2020, cluing fans into what is going on a bit behind the scenes at developer Citadel Studios. The big news? Point Release 11 has been postponed indefinitely, with CS citing loss of "key" members of the MMO's development team.

In the post to the Legends of Aria website, the team at Citadel Studios talked about where Point Release 11 was, as well as some of what they are focusing on given the reduced size of the team. Citadel Studios cites the "temporary loss of key members" on the team as the reason why Point Release 11 has been set aside indefinitely. As such, the large update players were looking forward to will be revisited at a later date according to the post, though no timeline has been given as to exactly when that will occur.

As such, the smaller team is transitioning to addressing some features and feedback sourced directly from the active playerbase, such as addressing factions. Citadel Studios that, due to the cessation of development of Point Release 11, they can now devote the time needed to bringing this feature back.

"The single most common request was for our team to revisit factions. This was something we always intended to do when we initially removed the feature from the game, but we did not have the time to devote to development on a meaningful faction system that could not be easily exploited with the other features we had already committed to in our Point Releases. With development on Point Release 11 suspended, we have the capacity to revisit this system. "

The other big feature being addressed is the creation of a new experimental server, called The Forge. This server will be a smaller, "more intimate" version of Legends of Aria's world Celador, and will require either an active game subscription or a Citizen's Pass to access. 

"With The Forge, our focus will be on polish and quality instead of pushing out content and landmasses, and our focus is on delivering what the majority of our players are most passionate about. We will be sharing more information about The Forge in the coming weeks, once we have held discussions with our community and have had the time to distribute and review everyone’s survey responses and feedback."

You can check out the post on the Legends of Aria website


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