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Legends of Aria Point Release 8 Includes NPC Factions, Township Boards, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Point Release 8 for Legends of Aria focus on leagues, townships, and more.

Leagues of Celador are the first in a series of episodic content focusing on NPC factions who will offer you tasks. In exchange, you’ll receive reputation and a currency unique to that faction. These factions include artisans, dungeoneers, procurers, and explorers. The league will be debuted in New Dawn.

“The Leagues of Celador seeks to span the length and breadth of the world of Celador, bring new exciting and dynamic content with each release, and to ensure that all professions from the warrior to the cook are included.”

Township boards are included as well, which will allow you to buy and sell items which have been crafted, and world drops. Items in higher demand will offer greater money.

“Crafters, gathers, and adventurers who are able to react to the needs of their community will reap the rewards of keeping their boards well stocked. Township Boards have five categories of items that can be both donated and purchased, they include; Crafted Armor, Crafted Weapons, Crafted Materials, Raw Materials, and World Drops.”

Additionally, crafting professions have been introduced, and more monsters are being added. The team concludes by mentioning that New Dawn is in final development for deploy on the Experimental server. Read the full post here.


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