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Legends of Aria Patch 9.5 Focuses on Seasons, Chaos Zones, and Arc Quests

Plus rewards for each

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch notes for update 9.5 of Legends of Aria focus on seasons, chaos zones, and arc quests. Here are the details.

Seasons, like many other games, are meant to provide new PvE and PvP challenges for players, plus rewards. Chaos zones are described as hotspots for players to take part in PvP battles. You can earn season skulls and not have to worry about those pesky murder counts. Arc quests are designed to showcase more of the lore and feature multi-stage quests, plus rare loot.

The team also discusses what they’re working on next. To that end, they expand,

“Our goal has always been to create the ultimate sandbox experience, and this release continues to pave the way forward with rich, dynamic features and expanded risk versus reward within our Wilderness. Whatever your playstyle, there is something to enjoy in this release for all of our players.”

If you’re interested further in their development, be sure to check out the team’s Trello board containing release information, milestones, and more.


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