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Legends of Aria New Dawn Hits Today, Patch Notes Released

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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[Update] A previous version of this story initially stated the Free accounts were only available on Steam per the original announcement. Free accounts are now also available through the Legends of Aria site as well, which will be live shortly according to PR. We've updated the story to reflect this change.

The next chapter for Legends of Aria has come, as the New Dawn update hits today, along with an extensive list of fixes and changes with Point Release 8. The New Dawn update brings with it free accounts on Steam, allowing players to jump into the MMO without dropping down the $20 required to play the full experience.

As a reminder, New Dawn brings with it Free Accounts, both through Steam and the Legends of Aria site. Free players will be able to access almost all of with Aria has to offer, but will lack critical features such as building a home, creating a player-run shop, increased bank capacity and more.

Additionally, the Wilderness is coming back to Legends of Aria, as well as a myriad of additions such as Runebooks, new warrior abilities, and The Leagues of Celador - a "growing system of episodic content" which will start to bring some of the lore and fresh content into Aria with each new Point Release. 

You can check out the full patch notes on the Legends of Aria website for full details, and check out the Steam listing if you're looking to start a free account in the game.  


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