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Legends of Aria Looks Ahead to Point Release 10

Traits and lore

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Point Release 10 is the topic of discussion in the latest blog post from the Legends of Aria team.

Several points were discussed, including traits which include the following for cooking, alchemy, and inscription:


  • Journeyman: 5% bonus to food effects.
  • Master: 10% bonus to food effects.
  • Grandmaster: 15% bonus to food effects.


  • Journeyman: 10% bonus to potion effects.
  • Master: 30% bonus to potion effects.
  • Grandmaster: 50% bonus to potion effects.


  • Journeyman: 30% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %5 damage bonus to scrolls.
  • Master: 60% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %10 damage bonus to scrolls.
  • Grandmaster: 100% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %15 damage bonus to scrolls.

Lumberjacking and Mining skills were introduced which increase weapon type damage:


  • Journeyman: 5% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
  • Master: 10% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
  • Grandmaster: 15% increase to slashing/lancing damage.


  • Journeyman: 5% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
  • Master: 10% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
  • Grandmaster: 15% increase to bashing/piercing damage.

The blog also touched on interactive lore encounters. Basically, the team is currently investigating more ways where players can interact with the world when specifically trying to discover more lore. To that end, the team touches on their extended dialogue system.

But a lore catalog was also discussed. This catalog is set to be included in the Tome System which aims to inform players on any of their lore discoveries and their progress in those areas. The team shared a work in progress screenshot of this catalog.

You can read the full post here.


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