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Legends of Aria Letter From The Community Manager Outlines Upcoming Roadmap

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Legends of Aria is in full swing after its recent launch, and the latest letter from the community manager outlines upcoming updates to the Ultima-inspired MMORPG.

In a letter on the site's website, the LoA devs detail the upcoming Experimental Server with Point Release 8: Part 1. The server will be brought back online as part of the upcoming point release update, but it's just a small sampling of what players can expect. We recently detailed the upcoming release in a separate news item, but the upcoming release touches on the new Martial abilities, crafting reworks and more.

Also detailed is part 2 of Point Release 8, with changes coming to both PvE and PvP, as well as crafting improvements. PvP has always been a point of contention in Legends of Aria, as many players looking for that old-school Ultima experience. 

In the guarded zone, as it stands right now, we have what we think of as a Risk vs Reward deficit. We feel that every day, and we feel that watching you guys play. One thing we want to do very soon is to ensure that there’s more Risk vs Reward taking place in the guarded zone. There’s a perception that we intended the guarded zones to be absolutely safe. In some respects, that’s true – we don’t want to force people to do riskier things, but rather we want to entice people to do riskier things. Allegiances is a really good way to do that. We’re making quite substantial changes to the way the Allegiance system works, and this is a big priority for us right now. We want people who prefer different types of gameplay to engage in different things. We want PvE players and crafters to engage in PvP – not necessarily in the competitive aspect, but in the initiative. We want people banding together and having team efforts in this regard.

Beyond Point Release 8, the Legends of Aria team detailed some of their future plans, such as completing the profession system, as well as bringing new areas on the map to the game. You can check out the full details on the official website

Full disclosure: Legends of Aria is represented by Team Critical Hit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor, Bill Murphy.


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