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Legends of Aria Kicks Off October With Halloween 2020 Deco Competition

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Halloween Deco Competition for Legends of Aria has arrived challenging your decoration skills.

The competition will see you decorating your house, houseless plot, or simply make a new unique item from other items. Given that it’s a Halloween contest, your designs must be themed around Halloween, naturally.

Submission is underway, and each eligible submission will receive a jack o lantern pack. Submissions will be accepted all the way till 11:59p EDT on October 28. There will be two live streams over October 29. The first will start at 3p EDT showcasing the Crimson Sea submissions, and the 8p EDT stream will showcase Ethereal Moon submissions.

Voting begins after each live stream and is open through October 30. The winner will be revealed on October 31, with the winner receiving a skull trophy. Here’s how to submit:

  • Standing at your plot mailbox, type /where into the chat in-game to access your plot coordinates.
  • Send these coordinates, along with your plot name, to Liz on Discord, or email them to [email protected].

For full requirements, check out the official blog post.


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