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Legends Of Aria Is Delisting From Steam At The End Of June

More Details To Come

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Legends of Aria, the MMO-turned-pay-to-earn blockchain game, has announced it will be delisting from Steam at the end of this month as they start to prep for its relaunch as a crypto title.

The announcement came via the MMO's Discord (via MMOFallout), with Reaper Games' founder Joseph Rubin stating that the team will be sharing how current Steam players can access their account soon.

"Hey all, as we prepare for our upcoming relaunch, we will be consolidating the Legends of Aria Classic service, which includes delisting it from Steam (at the end of this month). For those that are still accessing the game via Steam, we'll share details shortly on how you can access your account using the client on legendsofaria.com. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support! Thanks!!"

Legends of Aria launched in 2020 and has since struggled to gain its footing. The move to play to earn was announced earlier this year, with original developer Citadel Studios partnering with Reaper Games (after the Blue Monster acquisition fell through) to help move the blockchain transition forward. Since Steam doesn't allow NFT and blockchain games to be hosted on their platform, the move off Steam isn't shocking. It remains to be seen whether or not the upcoming blockchain-powered Aria will truly be the "ultimate fantasy metaverse" the developers promised, but the transition now feels well underway with this announcement.

Yesterday, Legends of Aria announced its IDO will be on Enjinstarter, signaling it's "one step closer to the rebirth of Legends of Aria."


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