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Legends of Aria Hotfix Changes Town Control Buffs

Plus other tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Change town control buffs are a huge focus of the latest hotfix for Legends of Aria.

The hotfix also touches on a few small tweaks, but the change town control buffs see the most attention. Take a look below:

  • Reduce the amount of skill lost as a red from 2.5-5.0 to 0.5-2.5
  • Reduce the militia event radius around militia keeps
  • Remove rally rp bonus from being in an underpopulated militia temporarily
  • Add 2x rally rp bonus for all militias for the weekend
  • Multiply the cost and reward of talents by 10 across the board
  • Increase respawn rate of militia cemetery mobs
  • Decrease difficulty of militia cemetery mobs
  • Change town control buffs to the following:
    • 1 town – No buff
    • 2 towns
      • +15% Arachnid Resistance
      • +10% Demon Resistance
      • +10% Animal Resistance
      • +15% Undead Resistance
      • +20% Lumberjacking Rate
      • +20% Fishing Rate
      • +20% Mining Rate
    • 3 towns
      • +5% Skill Gain Increase
      • +10% Gold Drop Rate


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