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Legends of Aria Hosting PvP Feedback Chat in Discord Tonight

Also touching on Point Release 10

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Legends of Aria team is set to host a PvP feedback chat in Discord tonight at 8p ET.

Details were first shared on Twitter,

“Greetings adventurers,

Join us in Discord tomorrow, Tuesday June 16, at 8pm eastern for a PvP feedback chat! Also: Point Release 10 will be made available on the Experimental Server for our players to test out on June 23.”

You’ll be able to take part in the discussion on the official Discord here. The news about Point Release 10 is of note. Announced last month, it’s set to introduce a host of changes to cooking, alchemy, inscription, lumberjacking, mining, and more.

Additionally, interactive lore encounters are being explored. The goal here is to come up with ways to have players interact with the world when they’re trying to explore and discover more lore-related tasks. Point release 10 is also set to touch on the dialogue system as well.

If you’re interested in PvP at all, or interested in the changes coming with Point Release 10, be sure to tune into the chat tonight at 8p ET.


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