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Legends of Aria Getting F2P Update on December 5

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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New F2P content is coming to Legends of Aria on December 5.

Titled New Dawn, the new update will add new content alongside an F2P option to the game. Notable features from the press releaese also include:

  • The Wilderness introduces a new risk-versus-reward environment
  • Warriors class changes include the Bloodlust resource and nine new powerful abilities
  • A new Township feature allowing you to become a citizen
  • Militias are forming with players able to join in on the battle to conquer Celador.
  • Three new world bosses including the Fire Dancer, the Nest Mother’s brood, and the Shapeshifter, rewarding you with new overworld Artifacts
  • Stealing and Snooping are now viable options for those wanting to master the fine art of thievery.
  • Resource Missions are being added to allow players to explore for precious wood, ore, and cloth away from high traffic areas.
  • Professions have been updated with all-new quests to grant new passive abilities.
  • Episodic content called Leagues of Celador is being added to bring fresh new stories to Legends of Aria

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