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Legends of Aria - Free Monolith Weekend and Shard Event Available Now

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Steven Weber Posted:
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This weekend Legends of Aria is opening up the Dark Sorcery DLC known as The Monolith to all players until September 7th at 10:15 AM EST. Paid players will be able to get into the Corrupted Echo Shard event, which is a conjoined event that revolves around the enemies in The Monolith.

The Corrupted Echo Shard event requires that players kill enemies within the Monolith to obtain Echo Shards, and earn a Watcher Lottery Box. Only one lottery box can be earned per account, and it costs 60K Corrupted Echo Shards. Free players will not be able to participate in the shard event, as it will only be available for players with a Citizen’s Pass or have an active premium subscription.

Last month Legends of Aria’s 4th season, known as The Shifting Sands, went live. In addition to the addition of new recent content, Legends of Aria has been busy fixing combat, updating the arena, and more, so if you took a break, The Monolith might be a good taste of what’s been changed.


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