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Legends of Aria Experimental Server Sees PvP Adjustments

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The experimental server for Legends of Aria is set to receive several adjustments to PvP as part of the latest patch.

The patch notes point to things like sorcery damage no longer interrupting spell cast. Additionally, any mage armor prestige ability will not cast instantly. The patch also pointed to a total revamp of escape scrolls which results in:

  • Price increased to 10,000 gold.
  • Reduced cast time to 0.5 seconds.
  • 45 minute cooldown between uses.
  • Added “Escape Locations” to entrance of all dungeons and to the Gatekeepers in each region.
  • Cannot be used in Chaos Zones/Arenas or while under the effects of “On the Run”.

“Reveal” was also added as a sixth circle spells. This will reveal all objects in the radius immediately around the spell caster. The details for this change include:

  • 6th circle spell, requires Lemon Grass and Moss to cast.
  • Added to the inscription table, requires 1 fine scroll, 2 Lemon Grass, and 2 Moss to craft.
  • Requires “Line of Sight” to successfully reveal players/objects.
  • Rules for revealing hidden players;
    • Will reveal any player who the caster is in an active conflict with.
    • Will reveal any player that is a criminal.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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