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Legends of Aria Drops Free to Play Version and Plans Only a 'Play and Earn' Model

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Legends of Aria. is relaunching its format again. Previously having moved from a more traditional format,  to a blockchain game, the team confirmed at that time that there would be a play to earn version and a free to play version entirely separate from anything crypto. Now, in another redesign, they’ve decided to drop the free to play option entirely, and build the whole system as a one-time fee “play and earn” model.

In a new blog discussing the decision to redesign their approach again, the team announced that there would be one version of the game moving forward, which will simplify their work and design as well. The new format would involve a one-time $10 fee to create a character, and by doing so, you would get your character NFT. This would be the basis of access, and there would be no subscriptions or other fees needed. You could sell your character on the marketplace and walk away if you choose. you could mint the items you craft and sell them too. In other words, Legends of Aria is going all-in.

In the move to a one-time cost model (which some might criticize as "pay to earn"), they’re also envisioning a single server with full access to everything. What the team is promoting is the idea that this kind of approach, a single-server, single model game, is easier to get into and understand and the team only has to manage one thing. They won’t have to toss resources at creating or adapt assets and features in a way that would work in a F2P game if they’re not making one.

When it comes to selling or buying in the market, this is where players would have to learn some more about web3 and blockchain in order to get the most out of their potential transaction. The Legends of Aria developers are promising to set up simple guides for this process now that they've made a decision on the economy.

For more on the game, visit Legends of Aria.


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