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Legends of Aria Devs Working on 'The End' Viking-Themed Dark Fantasy Survival RPG

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Citadel Studios, the team behind Legends of Aria, are reportedly working on a Viking-themed dark fantasy survival RPG called The End.

The news was featured by PC Gamer earlier which explained that in The End, you’ll experience solo quests for relics which will provide you spells and various enchantments. The combat is described as a hack and slash action-oriented style instead of more traditional stats-based RPG combat.

Speaking with PC Gamer, the team discussed magic and spells saying,

“Many spells are thrown to a ground location versus being ‘sniped’ or launched as a projectile. This offers a very unique and tactile experience to casting and offers an element of first-person twitch, but with a skill curve that welcomes beginners and tests more advanced players."

There’s a multiplayer aspect as well allowing you to team up with up to four other players as you fight over persistent domains. You’ll have to summon a Feud Stone which effectively declares a feud with another player warband in which you’ll fight. According to Citadel Studios, they’re purposefully keeping warbands small to ensure the “action is fully accessible to players who can't, or don't want to, be part of a big outfit.”

There’s also a Feat system tracking your records including combat, monster slaying, and more. You can check out PC Gamer’s preview here. And if you want to sign up for updates, check out The End’s site here. Keep in mind, it’s early days yet and there’s no release date announced at this time.

Image credit: PC Gamer via Citadel Studios.


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