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Legends of Aria Developers Lay Out Developer Experimental Server Testing Schedule

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Legends of Aria's developers are hard at work on new content, and according to a new post on the Aria forums, the developers are planning a few appearances on the Experimental Server for players to test the content with them coming up. Starting on Thursday, October 24th, players can give feed back directly to the developers of LoA on the Experimental server.

While players can still provide feedback on the Aria Discord channel, but according to the developers, going this path gives players a chance to chat directly with the devs in the world. As such, while the developers pop into the server every once and a while to test the content themselves, they have set up specific times for players to log on if they want the chance to play the content with the devs and chat with them directly about any issues or concerns that might crop up.

From the forum post:

Thursday 10/24 2pm-4pm - Dynamic Spawner Testing With Ben 6pm-8pm - PvP Testing With Miphon Friday 10/25 4pm-6pm - Martial Abilities and Crafting Orders With Brandon Monday 10/28 12pm-2pm - Dynamic Spawner Testing With Ben 2pm-4pm - Snooping, Stealing, Runebooks Testing With Supreem Tuesday 10/29 6pm-8pm - PvP Testing With Miphon Thursday 10/31 4pm-6pm - Allegiance PvP Testing With Brandon

While no timezone is listed, Citadel Studios is based on the East Coast of the United States, so it can be safely assumed these times are Eastern. We've reached out for clarification, which was confirmed by PR. 

Legends of Aria hit Early Access earlier this year and we had the chance to sit down and speak to Derek Brinkmann of Citadel Studios about the game, its journey thus far as well as hit outlook on MMOs and the games industry as a whole. You can check that out fully here.


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