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Legends of Aria Dev Update Arrives with Good News for 'Mid-Endgame' Players

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The first Legends of Aria developer update has been published and, while brief, it does offer a bit of information about upcoming additions to the game as well as an explanation for the release date change for Steam Early Access. At the moment, the release date sits at January 18th. However, this may change. The letter states, "We only did this because the date was looming & we have not settled on a final date for the 'real' Steam Store launch" but that more info will be forthcoming.

For "mid-endgame players", there's some good news: A feature that was going to be released in the Frozen Tundra update will be coming along sooner to provide more hunting zones. A developer blog about the addition will be coming along soon.

Lastly, the letter addresses GMs in the game:

One final thing I wanted to address is our GMs live server policy. Many of you have seen that our GMs are making their way into the world and helping folks out as best they can. Citadel Studios has a strict policy regarding what our GMs can and can not do in game. I would like to remind everyone that we do not offer customer support through PMs in Discord. Please stick to the Help Report and Bug Report in game systems so these things flow through the right channels.

Check out the full letter on the Legends of Aria site.


Suzie Ford

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