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Legends of Aria Details Season 7

Starts today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Legends of Aria team have detailed what you can expect in Season 7 and more.

Season 7 will go live today and take place in the Misty Caverns in the Southern Rim region. There will be new dynamic spawn events where you’ll fight against the growing golem resistance. You’ll earn credit when you kill creatures and bosses as these events as expected.

You can look forward to new monthly rewards as well. For PvE players, you can check out the new Masquerade mask, whereas PvP will net you the Demon mask. Crimson Sea transfers were outlined as well. You’ll be able to transfer your characters and homes to Ethereal Moon. You’ll want to make sure you pack your land plots before doing so, however.

Elsewhere, the post explains that Point Release 11 has seen a delay,

“We would like to reassure and remind everyone that our work on Legends of Aria has continued to the greatest degree possible and that with the coming of the new year, we’ll be back to our typical rate of development with some new and very exciting developments to announce.”


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