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Legends of Aria Dark Sorcery DLC Releasing This Month

$19.99 on Steam

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dark Sorcery DLC is releasing for Legends of Aria this month.          

The DLC will be priced at the pre-order price of $19.99 on Steam, which also includes the Dark Echo Fox mount.

“Deep within the caverns of the Southern Hills lies an ancient monument, powered by unstable magic and home to some of the most dangerous foes in Celador,” reads the statement in the press release, “Explore The Monolith, train in the ways of dark forgotten magic, and continue your quest to become one of the most powerful beings in Celador.”

New challenges and areas are introduced in this update, including:

  • The Monolith, a brand new dungeon to find and defeat the awakened guardian before its unstable forgotten magic spills out into Celador.
  • New enemies to defeat within The Monolith, fearsome foes the likes of which have never been seen before.
  • A pair of new sorcery skills that allow players to summon minions and manipulate their appearances and abilities.
  • New loot ranging from all-new powerful artifacts to new cosmetics to decorative items. 

Check out the snazzy trailer below:


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