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Legends of Aria - A Look at Point Release 11

A Sneak Peak, No Hiding in Bushes Necessary

Steven Weber Posted:
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 Point release 11 in Legends of Aria is shaping up to be pretty exciting, as a sneak peak has been posted on the official website detailing a number of new features that players can look forward to. New abilities, lands and heirlooms are expected in this upcoming major update.

Point Release 11 will have a brand-new area, The Outlands, which is a deserted, dangerous place hiding strange and secret powers. In addition to a new world, here is a quick bullet point list that you can look forward to, or you can read all about it in more detail in their sneak preview post:

  • New Pet Abilities
  • New Area, The Outlands
  • Necromancy skills
  • New Heirloom Items
  • A Magery revamp

The new content will certainly appeal to players looking for not just new places to explore, but for those looking into more detailed customization, as the post states the focus on much of their update was to offer “more depth, customization and an improved gameplay experience for our players to engage with.”

Legends of Aria is currently running a Free DLC Weekend to give players a chance to play The Monolith. Citadel Studios has also been working hard at making the game more engaging and enticing to players with consistent tweaks to gameplay and crafting.


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