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Legendary Item Reward Track Season Two Begins in The Lord of the Rings Online

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Season 2 of the Legendary Item Reward Track has begun in The Lord of the Rings Online. The latest update also updates some quests, makes minor fixes to Lore-master and Champion, and adds additional fixes.

The new season begins today and will run through August 17th at 9:59 AM Eastern. The rewards pool has been expanded and in addition to traceries, runes, and ancient script, there will also be three Legendary tracery tokens and a few new cosmetic rewards. These rewards include Azog’s Sword, a Hobbit dance emote, a brand new Banner of Gil-Galad housing item, and a cosmetic pet, the Mountaineering Donkey. 

While the new LIR track is the biggest new addition in this week’s update, there are other adjustments and tweaks that will help some on their adventure. Two classes get some minor tweaks that boil down to mostly cleanup. Champion’s Great Cleave duration tracery had an unintended effect on unrelated effect durations and cooldowns and is now no longer doing that. Lore-master sees two changes that removes reference to the Sic’Em skill, now deprecated, and another that removes a reference to Spirit of Nature with Fellowship Friend, since it is unaffected by this particular trait.

The rest of the improvements and additions are of the sort that affect localization, UI, and increased clarity. For example, the quest changes fit that last bit quite well:

  Trollshaws: "The Ghostly Roads Go Ever On" - Quest objectives have been adjusted for clarity

    Yondershire: "The Ghost of Bar Faroth" - Hidden ranger caches are now easier to select when you do not have 'Floaty Names' enabled.

There are also improvements and corrections to German and French localization. One change that will help all is the Active Quests section of the quest log will display additional active quest slots that VIP subscribers have access to.

For more, see the update notes over at The Lord of the Rings Online


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