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Legacy of the Sith is SWTOR's Next Expansion and It's Out This Holiday

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Wars The Old Republic is getting another expansion in Legacy of the Sith headed to the MMORPG this holiday. This expansion will also begin SWTOR’s 10th anniversary celebration set to run through 2022.

As part of Legacy of the Sith, we’ll be sent to the aquatic planet Manaan to uncover the machinations of Darth Malgus. Player levels will also increase by 5 bringing the new cap to 80. Look forward to new combat styles and a slew of quality of life improvements.

Via the press release,

“Combat Styles will allow players to fulfill their ultimate Star Wars fantasy, independently choosing a specific class story and combining it with ability sets from other related tech or force wielding classes. Existing, returning and new players can look forward to improvements in creating their next Star Wars character through a refactored character creation system. In addition, updates to itemization and loadout experiences as well as streamlined class design further enhances the Star Wars: The Old Republic experience for new, returning and existing players.”

Legacy of the Sith will coincide with the 10th anniversary celebrations set to run through 2022. These celebration will bring new content, events, updates, and much more. For a recap of the 9th anniversary celebrations, check out how the SWTOR team celebrated last year.

10 years is no joke for any game, with several MMOs not even making it that long. If you’ve played SWTOR, sound off with some of your favorite memories below.

Last month for Star Wars Day, the team celebrated with a double XP event and giving away a droid pet.


Poorna Shankar