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Legacy of the Sith Arrives, Bringing 'Disorder' to Star Wars: The Old Republic

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After a delay and some time spent on making some fundamental changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Legacy of the Sith update is here, continuing the game's 10th anniversary celebration as well. Naturally, it arrives with a powerful cinematic trailer called ‘Disorder’, showcasing the return of Darth Malgus.

It wouldn’t be a return of Malgus without his planning and manipulations. By now, any SWTOR player is familiar with Malgus but the BioWare team clearly have found more story to tell here. Far from being a spoiler in itself, the trailer sets up some questions and asks the player to consider what is at stake, and what’s on the table with the Jedi and even the Sith, all the way to the Force and its role. Ending on those questions and considerations, you’ll work to pursue Malgus. What comes after that, we’ll have to find out.

Legacy of the Sith arrives with extensive patch notes, with little of the game that isn’t touched by the update, anywhere from minor tweaks to massive overhauls. The level cap increases to 80, with all classes getting rebalanced. There’s a new character customization experience, the introduction of loadouts and Combat Styles, and a new itemization system. the itemization system was the subject of pushback from the PTS testers, but the live system has been adjusted a bit. 

There’s a new planet, Manaan, invaded by the Sith Empire and occupied along with a hold on the supply of the medical resource kolto. Take on a new Flashpoint, Elom, where you’ll explore a Sith fortress.

Overall, if you’ve been playing all along or haven’t played in some time and are returning for the new content, there will be some aspects that could take some getting used to. Yet, when there’s more story to play through, there’s definitely something new to discover, even if some may wonder what more Malgus has to bring to the table. Well, now we get to see just what the dev team has in mind in that regard.

For the full list of additions and changes, head to Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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