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Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes Published

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The Lord of the Rings Online forum has been updated with the full patch notes for tomorrow's Legacy of the Necromancer patch. Most notably, Chapters 5 and 6 of the Black Book of Mordor will provide players a chance to move with the Golden Host toward Dol Guldur. In addition, the Strongholds of the North will open where players will meet Elvenking Thranduil and learn more about the troubles in Dale and Lake-town as well as help the dwarves in Erebor.

Other notable pieces of Legacy of the Necromancer:

  • Wood-elves are reclaiming Mirkwood but not all is as it should be
  • Lay of Rust and Rime is a series of episodic quests taking place in the Strongholds of the North. These will take place on Wednesdays starting March 14th
  • bug fixes and feature enhancements

You can read the full update notes on the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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