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Learn More About ESO's Sai Sahan in new blog post

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Curious about Sai Sahan? You can learn more about him in the newest blog post from ESO.

The actual post reads like a journal entry from Abnur Tharn and is presented as such. He recalls his old associate, Sai Sahan, as he continues his research into defeating the dragon, Kaalgrontiid. Check out this snippet, and read the whole thing here.

“Sai Sahan. I haven’t actually thought about the bearded mammoth in quite some time. We were companions once, allies of a sort in service to Emperor Varen Aquilarios. That seems like a lifetime ago. When I first met the man, he was already known as an accomplished warrior. The Redguard noble was a master sword fighter who rose to lead the Emperor’s Imperial Dragonguard. Before that, though? I need to dredge up ancient memories so that I can best determine how to fully utilize Sai Sahan.”


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