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Learn About the Wide Variety of Events Planned to Shape the World in Ashes of Creation

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Following up on the recent dev stream for Ashes of Creation, there’s a new devblog out covering all things events, with a list of just some of what the team is planning across a wide variety of types.

Events will be something you can accept or decline, and if you accept an event can help you earn XP, new items, resources, and even learn more about the world of Verra around you.  Some events will occur based on a random spawn and some will be a little more calculated.

Calendar events will be centered around holidays or Seasonal content.  Generally, these will be server-wide events that everyone can partake in during specific times.

Node attacks happen within the context of certain events or times. Enemies on the ground attack buildings as an objective within a node. If you are defending, your objective might be to help prevent or stop this attack. If the enemies attack the node too much, you might even have to repair the buildings within before you can use them again. 

Pop-Up Events are designed to keep players guessing. The events are small-scale events to help keep a sense of danger in the world and test your combat skills. Another event that could test your skills are PvP events and the Monster Coin events, where by some unrevealed method, you can activate a Monster Coin and become a monster. By doing so you can wreak havoc, as the dev blog says, and possibly get cosmetic rewards out of the experience.

Other events will flesh out the lore of Verra, like Points of Interest Events, which can also serve for players to gather and even fight over reward or what’s happening. Noting that failed PO I events may precede node sieges, you may want to prove your readiness to avoid threats to nearby civilizations. Narrative Events are what they sound like, and are intended to also show players that their decisions matter. These arcs will develop across a server over time. 

For more on various planned event types, head over to Ashes of Creation.


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