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Learn About Fractured Online's Wildfolk Before the New Race Arrives in Next Week's Early Access Launch

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Next week, on September 15th, Fractured Online enters Early Access. Today, Dynamight Studios and Gamigo are pulling back the curtain a little bit on the Wildfolk, the game’s new race to be introduced with the launch. The Wildfolk are the second of the game’s three races to be added, and you’ll be able to choose between them and humans next week.

Hailing from the lush, tropical planet of Arboreus, the Wildfolk are made up of a number of different tribes, each based on different animals. The first two that will arrive this month are the tiger-based Chadra and Erwydra, a people inspired by deer. Later on, two more Wildfolk peoples will be added. The Nheedra, based on bears, and the Udoadra, which are based on wolves. 

One important thing to know about the Wildfolk is that they live in a peaceful society. While humans can do what suits them and the upcoming Demons are PvP-oriented, and well, they’re demons, the Wildfolk on their green planet are at the other side of that. They’ll welcome visits from those who have Good alignment, and those with Neutral or Evil will find the planet itself even turns inhospitable. Those with a solid Good alignment won’t be attacked. Arboreus is where you’ll likely be if you’re less PvP-inclined.

If Wildfolk do need to get into a fight, they have skills. As you might expect, the tiger-based Chadra are quick and strong fighters, while the deerlike Erwydra are more dependent on strong nature-based magic.

These peoples are, on the whole, deeply connected to Arboreus, and their potential is affected by this. They draw power from their planet, which impacts their combat styles and abilities, many based in druidic magic. If you are able to visit the planet, there will be 40 to 50 new abilities available on this continent and resources, as well as creatures you won't find anywhere else in the game.  It's also rich in lore if that's important to you.

The introduction to the Wildfolk also covers the world of Arboreus,its varied terrain, from jungles and forests, to rivers, volcanoes, and lakes, and how those environments will work with Fractured Online’s previously-announced weather and climate systems, and more. 

The preview scratches the surface, but it should whet appetites for those looking for this different way to play Fractured Online when Early Access opens next week.


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