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Learn About Class Switching on the Fly, Flexible Leveling, as Mad World Site is Updated With Lots of New Info

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 As Mad World prepares for its final alpha test, Jandisoft has updated the game’s site with lots of new info on the game, its systems, how to level up, class switching on the fly, monsters, pets, and much more.

The game's descriptions have been updated, including sections divided into World lore/art scenario, class and character growth, equipment, contents, cross platforming, and tips and guides. Dive into the lore and scenario section to find out the story and setting, as well as what you’ll need to know to begin.

When it comes to classes, you'll be able to switch your class by switching your weapon. By switching between your weapon types, between something like sword to a staff, you'll change the way you fight and skills. This lets you play a single character and change on the fly or just enough to figure out what to settle on if you decide to. The combat system has a target lock on feature but it also lets you move while attacking so it feels more action-based. When you form a party, if you meet certain conditions, your party members will be buffed in a special way. 

Flexibility in the character leveling options, where you can put  experience into whatever stats you want to fit your preference, and you'll have multiple ways of gathering XP you need in order to level up. 

Information on the updated site goes deep into what you can expect from your adventuring everything from boss raids for every Act in the story,  dungeons, special bosses, your adventure journal, how pets will work, including how your pet can join you in combat when it is fully grown, as well as resource gathering and crafting.

There's also a market system where players can trade with each other using crystals. You'll also be able to get rare items or equipment drops through player trade.

The cross-platform section just details how the game works on HTML5 that enables it to be played across whatever devices you want. The tips and guides section is currently only in Korean for now, but should see updates. 

For more, visit the Mad World site.


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