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League of Legends Starts Season 11, Shows Off Plans for 2021

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With Riot Games starting their latest season of League of Legends, the company announced a variety of new updates to their other League-oriented properties.

On Friday morning, Riot Games held a massive public stream announcing a variety of updates to their growing game collection set in the Runeterra universe.

At the center of the presentation is Riot’s central game, League of Legends. With season 11 comes a series of quality updates to the gameplay. Players are now able to purchase Mythic items in-game, items that offer a significant change to a hero’s skillset. The in-game shop also received a significant update; offering situational item recommendations and an updated visual interface.

The next champion was also announced; Viego the Ruined King. Viego is the titular villain of Riot’s first single-player game, The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story as well as the season’s latest cinematic; Ruination. Viego will hit the PBE soon, and is anticipated to be available to the public by the end of the month. 

The Riot team also alluded to a visual update for Dr. Mundo; one of LoL’s oldest characters as well as three new champions.

With the expansion of LoL to mobile and consoles through the Wild Rift port, Riot Games is already taking early steps to begin building a framework that will allow for players to compete globally on an esports level. This includes the announcement of Wild Rift tournaments in Asia and Japan, as well as North America gaining access to the Wild Rift open beta in early 2021. Players who already have access will also get access to the first Ranked season alongside the Yordle Expedition in-game event, where four classic Yordle champions will join WR.

Riot’s autobattler, Teamfight Tactics will be maintaining their esports scene with an upcoming Championship. But for those more interested in the play should anticipate two updates to the ‘sets’ (character collections) this year. Riot will be changing the roster up this spring with the TFT Fates’ update “Festival of Beasts.” This will include new champions, traits, and Little Legends. 

Legends of Runeterra, the digital trading card game will also be getting some significant updates soon. First will be the addition of Aphelios, a Targon-themed champion in February. March will feature ‘Empires of the Ascended’, an expansion pack that will allow players to use cards from Shurima; the desert-themed region of Runeterra. Additional expansions are anticipated to release in May and June, as well as special Lab events, new themed events and the game’s first co-op vs AI Lab.

On top of all of this, Riot has asked players for their opinions on which champions in League deserve the next visual upgrade, as well as what the next thematic will be.

You can watch the entirety of the opening day livestream here.


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