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League of Legends Showcases Its Upcoming Champion, Rell The Iron Maiden

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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League of Legends is getting yet another character for players to sink their teeth into, this time in the form of Rell the Iron Maiden.

The character was showcased a few different ways, giving players a glimpse into her backstory, moveset and role in the Summoner's Rift. A support role, Rell can drain the armor of her foes with her Passive, Break the Mold. Additionally, she can siphon resistences form multiple enemies to "grow extremely tanky" according to Riot. 

Rell can also use Ferromancy, or Metal Manipulation, transforming her mount into a heavy shield that lasts until it's either broken or Rell remounts. During the transformation, Rell can use either Magnet Storm, which pulls enemies towards her for a few seconds, as well as Attack and Repel, which binds her armor to an ally, buffing their armor and magic resist. Recasting this spell will stun all enemies between her and the bound ally. 

Weilding a giant Lance, Rell joins the roster with Patch 10.25 on December 9th.


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