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League of Legends Preseason 2023 Patch Marks Return Of Chemtech Drake, Brings Major Jungle Changes

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Riot Games has revealed the changes coming to League of League through the Preseason 2023 patch, which will herald the return of a flying monster to the Rift as well as big changes to the jungles themselves. 

The Chemtech Drake will return to Summoners' Rift in the Preseason 2023 patch, which will grant an extra buff to both tenacity and healing/shield strength once defeated. Claiming a Chemtech Soul, as before, will yield bonus attack damage and reduced damage taken when the player is below a certain health threshold. 

The return of the Chemtech Drake will also bring Zaunite chemicals to the Rift, placing them throughout the map. These chemicals will give the areas they rest in one of three major properties:

  • Blast Cone plants will be twice as effective.
  • Stalker's Bloom plants will now make a champion move faster in a certain direction while reducing the health of any revealed wards on activation.
  • Stim Fruit plants will now produce Honey Fruits that will grant a small shield boost when consumed, while also no longer slowing the champion down.

Jungles will also see some significant changes in this new patch, with the changes falling into one of three categories:

    • Avatars: Traditional starting Jungle items will be replaced with new companions called Avatars. Avatars will evolve throughout a match through eating treats, which are earned by a champion through kills. Three examples of these new Avatars include:
      • Cat: For those who want to be more aggressive, Cats provide slowdowns and extra damage.
      • Fox: Mobility-focused players should choose the Fox, as it will add utility and movement speed.
      • Salamander: Defensive minds should consider the Salamander, which will give a shield and tenacity.
  • Camp Range Indicators: A new visual aid to show new junglers how to approach jungle monsters..
  • Recommended Pathing Options: An indicator for new junglers showing the optimal path to take depending on which stage a match is in.

Other changes coming in the League of Legends Preseason 2023 patch are updated communications systems, item-based changes, and changes to the top lane. The patch will enter the public beta environment for six weeks before going live with the 12.22 patch in early 2023.  


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