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League of Legends Newest Champion Aurora Has Been in Development for Almost Six Years

Casey Bell Posted:
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Originally teased in January, Riot has now finally unveiled its 168th League of Legends Champion, Aurora.

Aurora is a bunny like vastayan hailing from the Freljordian village of Aamu. She’s able to bridge the material and spirit worlds and form connections with spirits.

When it comes to gameplay, Aurora is a mid laner mage that has apparently been in development at Riot for roughly six years. Let’s dig into her kit.

  • Spirit Abjuration – This is Aurora’s passive. Aurora’s attacks and spells exorcises spirits from her enemies. These spirits will follow Aurora, healing her and giving her a bonus to her movement speed.
  • Twofold Hex (Q) – This ability fires a projectile that curses her targets. Casting it again will pull the curses back to her and deal damage to anyone caught in their path.
  • Across the Veil (W) – A combination of mobility and utility, Across the Veil allows Aurora to leap in a direction and become invisible for a short time.
  • The Weirding (E) - Aurora blasts out a wide beam of spirit magic damaging and slowing her foes while leaping backwards.
  • Between World (R) – Aurora’s ultimate ability allows her to leap in a chosen direction, dealing damage and slowing enemies with a shockwave. The shockwave creates an area that traps foes within its radius and allows Aurora to teleport within its confines.

Aurora will enter the Summoner’s Rift with patch 14.14, expected to drop on July 17.


Casey Bell