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League of Legends Fans Outraged by New $400 Faker Bundle

Casey Bell Posted:
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Riot Games have inducted League of Legends player Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok into the Hall of Legends, the game’s version of a hall of fame. In celebration of the occasion, Riot collaborated with Faker to create a Hall of Legends Event Pass intended to chronicle the star player’s career and its replete with all manner of rewards for diehard Faker fans.

Riot’s also offering a trio of Faker themed bundles with some seriously eye watering prices.

The Risen Legend Collection, priced at roughly $40, includes the aforementioned Hall of Legends pass, a Takedown Counter Taunt, Risen Legend Ahri skin, Ahri, and an exclusive border, icon, and emote.

A bit expensive, but nothing egregious. However, the remaining two bundles have thrown players for a loop.

The Immortalized Legend Collection will set players back 34230 RP, which translates to around $250. It includes everything in the Risen Legend bundle, a number of skin transformations, finishers, an exclusive Ahri skin, and other goodies.

But wait there’s more.

For the most discerning Faker stan, Riot is offering the Signature Immortalized Legend Collection. This lovely bundle is priced at 59260 RP or, gulp, around $400. It includes everything mentioned above, as well as the “Final Boss Faker” title, Signature Skin Ahri upgrades with Faker’s Signature move and Faker’s Structure Finisher, special borders and banners, Signature splash art for Ahri and LeBlanc, 100 levels on the Hall of Legends Pass, and more.

Unsurprisingly, these prices haven't gone over too well with the League of Legends community.


Casey Bell