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League of Legends Devs Detail Worlds Season 2018 Event

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The League of Legends site has been updated with a first-look at the Worlds Season 2018 event details. From September 27th through November 19th, players will be able to take part in three events with "tons of rewards". The goodies train begins with an icon, four orbs and 200 tokens, with the ability to collect more tokens by winning a Worlds Pass first win of the day and for performance grades in every match.

During the event, a special Shop will be set up where those World Tokens can be spent. Icons, emots a championship ward, Worlds orb, Championship Skins borders and Golden Chromas will all be available through the end of the event. Additionally, players can check out Tales from the Rift items with a distinctly Halloween flair and a Popstar Kai'Sa Prestige Edition skin. In short, there's lots of ways to spend tokens!

From September 27th to October 19th, completing missions will yield special icons, emotes and more. Watch LoL eSports during this time can also earn in-game goodies so "check out "Watch LoL Esports in the missions table for more info on rewards".

With regard to Prize Pool & Team Revenue Sharing:

This year we are increasing the amount of custom game content that allows you to directly support specific teams. We’re also changing the way we distribute revenue from the Championship skin and ward. As in previous years, 25% of all revenue will be available for teams who qualify for the event. This year, only half of this amount (12.5%) will be distributed based on tournament performance. The remaining portion (12.5%) will be distributed equally between all teams who qualify for the event. Qualifying for Worlds is an enormous achievement and we want to further recognize and reward all teams who make it to the event. Teams that win the World Championship will continue to be recognized with custom skins from which they will receive a portion of the revenue as well.

Interested? Head to the League of Legends site to read the FAQ and the rest of the details.

You can also check the Worlds 2018 Primer for more information about the competitive events to learn what teams are competing and much more.


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