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LawBreakers is Officially Gone

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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According to former Boss Key Productions environmental artist Josh Rife, the LawBreakers servers are officially gone marking the end to the turbulent game life of the team-based shooter. LawBreakers has also been removed from Steam. Rife made the announcement via his Twitter account that also reveals he is now working on The Division 2.

#lawbreakers servers are officially closed for good. Hardest development, and best game I ever shipped. If you played it, thank you. — J 0 S | - | (@_joshrife) September 14, 2018

LawBreakers, though a much-hyped team-based shooter by Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions, never found its footing and struggled to find an audience even after being picked up by Nexon. As LawBreakers foundered, the studio took to Radical Heights, a kitchy but well-received battle royale that sadly never made it past early access. Boss Key Productions closed in mid-May and the game went fully F2P in mid-June.

Nexon early on blamed LawBreakers' launch date as being too close to that of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that quickly shot out the gate. "The timing of LawBreakers' launch turned out to be unfortunate, specifically because the blockbuster PC online game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, came out right about the same time." Nexon officials wrote at the time.


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