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Launch Date Set For August 27th

Neilie Johnson Posted:
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Korean publisher JC Planet Co. this week announced the official launch of Legend of Silkroad, an MMO based on the three-way struggle for dominance of the "legendary" Silk Road. The battle rages among three powerful kingdoms: China, Persia and Rome, all of which know that control of a certain type of Magic Stone means dominance not only over the realm of man, but of heaven and hell.

Game features include:

3 Kingdoms (races)- Rome, Persia and China

Various battle & war system

Caravan battle system

Trade war system

Guild trade war system

Camps conflict between thief and armed escort

Great war between 3 kingdoms

• Arena

• Various PvP system (5 PvP Modes)

Various attractive quests (Fixed and Creative)

• Advanced Graphic and AI

For more information or to get the free download, visit the Legend of Silkroad website.



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