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Launch Date Pegged for November 30th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Hunted Cow has announced that Eldevin will officially launch on Saturday, November 30th. Folks interested in an early start to the game will want to grab a Founders' Pack for three days of pre-release mayhem. In addition, the team has announced several changes to the game once it hits live service.

The team have been working around the clock on improvements and updates - below are some the most exciting changes you'll see live on the beta server TODAY!

  • Added auto-attack and new abilities for all classes.
  • Improved tutorial to quickly get new players up to speed.
  • New server-wide chat to help keep in touch with friends.
  • New crafted items added to all professions.
  • User interface has a new look and feel with a bolder.
  • First (optional) open world PvP area introduced.

Read the rest of the incoming changes on the Eldevin site.


Suzie Ford

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