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Latest Wurm Online Patch Brings Combat Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent patch for Wurm Online has brought about the changes to combat and a special moves rework.

The combat changes break up defensive stances and attack stances. Additionally, the team notes that defending in the direction of a creature attack will be the “key to winning the fight.” If you defend in other adjacent directions, you’ll be able to defend against diagonal attacks. This means defending to the top and left will defend you against an upper left attack more effectively than if you were simply defending straight on.

Auto fight will use this new stance system. Any critical hits will be enabled in PvE, and these will deal 150% damage. Finally, the shield blocking rate will increase when you’re fighting multiple opponents. Special moves saw a rework as well which sees them become stronger and more useful in general. Additionally, there will now be a single set of special moves.

Several bug fixes were introduced in the patch as well including:

  • Bugfix: Locate Soul runes will now function properly instead of failing without a message.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the repair timer after burning wooden items
  • Bugfix: Crafting recipe for Dioptra now shows correct metal
  • Bugfix: Find Route should no longer cause lag on heavily populated servers
  • Bugfix: When logging off a boat on a PvP server as the captain you will now disembark, to allow any would-be thieves to drive the boat off once lockpicked (PvP only)

You can check out the full patch notes here which cover off visual changes and various other improvements to the game.


Poorna Shankar