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Latest Update to Albion Online Rebalances War Gloves for Viability, Adds Guild Invite Spam Protection

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The latest update for Albion Online is the first major patch after the Lands Awakened update and makes some changes to headquarters, balance for War Gloves and combat, UI improvements, and more.

With the overhaul that was the Lands Awakened update, the game was designed to be more open and explorable. But combat, sieges, and PVP are all still important. Headquarters got some tweaking. You can now designate a HQ immediately once you reach the season point threshold. You don't have to wait until next season and Sandbox has removed the top 600 requirement. 

There are some significant combat changes, especially including the new weapon line, War Gloves. In testing, and all the way up through release, the team wanted to make sure that introducing a brand new weapon line wasn't going to just dominate the meta. What happened was they were too cautious. So there are across the board changes for this new weapon line to bring them up to speed and put them in a good place Some of these changes include a grant of +50 health when equipping War Gloves, to various tweaks to damage, targeting, passives, and cooldowns across the various War Gloves types.

There are some adjustments to Fame in the open world and in static dungeons due to the team seeing that they were over performing in the rewards since the update. PVE Fame to faction point conversion was reduced along with Reputation gain.

A welcome addition  for the community is also the new guild invite spam protection. If you send too many guild invites that are declined in a short period, you will be blocked from sending any more invites on a cooldown. Further, the number of invites you'll be able to send at a time will also be limited.

For the full update notes on this first patch since Lands Awakened, head to Albion Online.


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