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Latest STO Patch Tweaks Patrol Rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for STO continues to tweak rewards for patrols, as revealed in a new blog post.

“Since the release of the new Patrol UI, and the inclusion of Patrol Missions in our current ongoing Mycelial Crisis Event, we've been very pleased to see the positive response we've seen regarding this content. This is step one in a plan to be able to expand this system in the future, continuing to bring more "bite-sized" content options to the forefront of players' gameplay experiences in STO. The fact that players are engaging with it, and giving us good feedback on it, helps reinforce those goals.”

The post continues, discussing the reveal of inconsistencies and errors the team has discovered,

“Now that the system is live, we've discovered a few inconsistencies and unfortunate errors in the process that we're taking pains to correct. Correcting them involves modifying the rewards received for engaging in this content. All of the following changes either have been made, or will soon go live, in an effort to get the overall experience of running Patrols into a consistent and rewarding state:”

Tweaks to patrol rewards now include,

* Added Dilithium to Patrols in the new Patrol System that were missing it as a reward

* Adjusted Dilithium rewards to a more appropriate value for time spent playing

* Added a Daily Bonus for the first Patrol played each day, per character (2x Marks and Dilithium)

* Adjusted erroneously-high XP modifiers that were present in Delta Patrols. This will only reduce the "End of Mission" rewards, and has no effect on XP received from defeating enemies, nor any affect on Starship Mastery XP received.

* Increased the XP/MasteryXP modifier present on Patrol maps in the new Patrol System from 2x to 3x.

dCheck out the full post here.


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