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Latest Star Citizen 'Calling All Devs' Video Explores How Server Caching and Other Tech Affects Gameplay

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Calling All Devs video for Star Citizen has arrived, looking at core tech updates.

The video features Lead Gameplay Engineer Chad McKinney and Lead Network Programmer Clive Johnson who discuss various tech topics such as iCache, global persistence, and server meshing. The impact these technologies have on gameplay is actually quite important, and the team explains why. You can catch that video below:

In other related new, it looks like Squadron 42 has a roadmap for a roadmap, which you can catch up on here. In effect, the team showed the new design for their upcoming roadmap, showcasing development sprints, teams, features, and more. They added,

“Some who follow us understand that just because something is not on the roadmap does not mean it’s not being actively developed. Others, however, believe that if something is not on the roadmap then it means that it is “delayed” or “cancelled.” This creates confusion in some cases and leaves us unable to properly communicate or present the actual work, simply because we don’t display something unless we have a good idea of when it’ll be ready for public consumption.”


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